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9L Natural Gas Engine

Specifications of 9L Natural Gas Engine
SC9DT280Q3   Euro Ⅲ
6CTL280~2   Euro Ⅱ

Suitable Applications: luxurious tour bus, HD long~haul truck
Horsepower Rating: 260~300PS

Technical Specifications
Model Unit SC9DT280Q3/Q4 SC9DT320Q3/Q4
Engine Type
6-Cylinder, 4-Stroke,Water Cooled
Aspiration Type
Turbocharged with Intercooler /TCL
Bore/Stroke (mm)
Total Displacement L 88
Compression Ratio
Rated Power/ Rated Speed KW/R/MIN 206/2200 235/2200
Mean Effective Pressure at Rated Condition (BMEP @ Rated Condition) KPA 1359
Maximum Thermal Efficiency % 37
Lubricating Oil Consumption g/Kw.h 0.3
Maximum Torque/ Speed NM/R/MIN 1120/1300-1400 1250/1300-1400
Noise (dB) DB® 96
Emissions Regulation
Overall Dimension mm*mm 1345*715*1075

SDEC is an ISO certified Natural gas engine manufacturer in China. Apart from the production of natural gas engines, we also produce diesel engines and generators etc. Due to their reliable quality and reasonable prices, our products are widely used in heavy-duty vehicles, passenger cars, engineering machinery, ships, mobile power stations etc.
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