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G128 Series Engine for Generating Sets

Power Range: 207ps ~ 500ps
G128 series engine of SDEC is a new generation product which is upgraded from 135 series diesel engine. Equipped with turbo-charger and intercooler, our product offers excellent performance like lower emissions and lower noise as well as higher reliability. Therefore, the sale of this product has been growing rapidly ever since it was introduced into the market. Coming with the power range of 155-363KW and the rated speed of 1500r/min or 1800r/min, this series engine is an ideal matching power for generating sets. Additionally, we can provide this product with different configurations as per the requirements of customers.

Main Specifications
Model G128ZLD G128ZLD2 G128ZLD1 G128ZL SC15G500D2
Engine Type In-line, Direct Injection, 4-Stroke, Water Cooled
Aspiration Type Turbocharged with Intercooler
1h Power (kW) 206 227 260 308 363
Bore/Stroke (mm) 135/150
Compression Ratio 17:01 15:53
Total Displacement (L) 12.9 14.16
Specific Fuel Consumption at Rated Condition (g/kW.h) 200
Lubricating Oil Consumption (g/kW.h) 0.7
Stable State Rate (%) 5 5(0~5% Adjustable) ≤3%
Type of Governor Mechanical Governor/ Electronic Governor (Optional) Electronic Governor
Idle Speed (rpm) 700 650
Rated Speed (rpm) 1500/1800 1500
Noise (dB) ≤117 ≤115
FSN (Filter Smoke Number) ≤2 ≤2
Net Weight (kg) 1200 1240
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