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EuroⅣ 4-Value Truck-Use Diesel Engine

SC9DF diesel engine is a new-generation heavy duty engine developed aiming at compliance with Euro IV and future emission standards on the basis of D 114 engine successfully applied at home. In the development of the engine , the development trend of diesel engines in China and the world has been taken into consideration and technical resources of both domestic OEMs/parts suppliers and American , German , Japanese , British, Canadian top engine research organizations have been integrated . DC9DF engine has reached an advanced contemporary world level in terms of power performance, fuel consumption, vibration /noise and service reliability.

Powerful Output: 9L , golden displacement heavy-duty truck engine , with maximum power output up to 380 PS;
High Economy: Low specific fuel consumption within the operating zone , minimum 190 g/kW.h;
High Reliability: Combining with heavy-duty engine design experiences of many countries , B10 service life of the engine over 800,000 km;
Low Emission: With electronically controlled high-pressure common rail technology, compliant with Euro IVemission regulation, the Euro Ⅲ product first introduced into market in 2006;
Low Noise : Lower than 93 dB(A),meeting China Stage Ⅱ noise standard quite easily;
High Braking Power: Equipped with most widely used American Jacobs in-cylinder exhaust braking system, providing vehicles with super-strong braking force from the engine, thus greatly improving transport efficiency, lowering truck use cost.

SPCIFICATIONS of EuroⅣ 4-Value Truck-Use Diesel Engine

Model Unit SC9DF380Q4
Type DI, In-line, 6-cylinder, Four stroke, Water cooled
Aspiration TCI
Bore×Stroke mm×mm 114×144
Total Displacement L 9
Compression Ratio 18:1
Rate Power/Rated Speed Kw/r/min 282/2200
BSFC@Rated Speed g/kW.h ≤210
Min.BSFC@Fullload g/kW.h ≤185
Minimum BSFC g/kW.h ≤180
Maximum Torque/Speed N.m/r/min 1600/1400
Noise dB(A) ≤93
Overhaul Interval km ≥800000
Cold Start (without aid)smooth start within 15s at-15℃
(without aid )smooth start within 15s at-40℃
Acceleration (No load )700~2200r/min.t≤5s
Fuel System Denso HP4 CR System
Overall Dimension mm 1235(length)×670(width)×955(height)
Weight kg 780
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