G128 Diesel Engine

On the basis of 135 Diesel Engine, G128 Diesel Engine is improved in combustion, block, crank, piston, connection rod and cooling and lubrication systems, and upgraded enormously in overall performance. It is another cost-efficient power choice for such engineering machine as Shovel Loader and dozer.
Reliable Performance
This engine is improved in start, cooling, lubrication, air intake&filtration and air pumping systems, reconfigures transmission system, simplifies conduits, adapts to dusty and severe environment like plateau and desert, is resistive to early abrasion and is more reliable to use.
Low Fuel Consumption
G128 Diesel Engine is economical in use and has a lower fuel consumption rate and better power performance in comparison with the models with the same displacement.
Convenient Repair
The Diesel Engine is more convenient to use and repair

Main Technical Parameters of G128 Diesel Engine
Representative Model G128Gle
Bore × Stroke (mm) 135×150
Total Displacement (L) 12.88
Rated Power/ Speed (kW/r/min) 162/2200
Maximum Torque/ Speed (N.m/r/min) ≥810/1300-1400
Minimum Fuel Consumption Rate (g/kW.h) 218
Oil Consumption Rate (g/kW.h) ≤0.4
Overall Noise (LW) (dB(A)) ≤98
Exhaust Emission In accordance with GB17691-2001 Standard (Euro-I Standard)
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