D9 Diesel Engine

On the basis of 6114 Diesel Engine, redesign the main components in an optimized way and follow the advantages of 6114 Diesel Engine, D9 Diesel Engine, with a larger horsepower and stronger digging power, is an ideal auxiliary power of medium & heavy 50 Shovel Loaders.
Good Reliability
With a designed horsepower of 400hp,an actual application power of 260-350hp and large safety allowance, the engine is more reliable.
Good Economy
D9 Diesel Engine has a minimum fuel consumption of 195g/kW.h. Additionally, it also adopts piston oil cooling technology and alloy bainite cylinder liner, has a lower consumption of engine oil and is economical in use.

Main Technical Parameters of D9 Diesel Engine
Representative Model D9-220
Type In-line, Four-Stroke, Water-Cooling, Direct-Injection
Fuel System Mechanical in-line Pump, Electric-Control High-Pressure Common-Rail
Bore × Stroke (mm) 114×144
Rated Power (kW) 160
Rated Speed (t/min) 2200
Fuel Consumption Rate@ Rated Condition (g/kW.h) 215
Minimum Fuel Consumption Rate @ Full-Load (g/kW.h) ≤195
Noise (dB(A)) ≤98
Smoke (FSN) ≤2.0
Overhaul Period ≥8000h
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