D Series Truck Diesel Engine

This D series truck diesel engine absorbs the advanced European and American technologies in this field and is developed by SDEC united with AVL company. It is a local pioneer of progressive diesel engine in mass production in China with the market share of 500,000 sets.

This product adopts the integrated cylinder cover, high pressure common rail fuel system and international brands of core accessories. Aside from the outstanding cost performance, it features efficient fuel conservation, low noise, environment protective power, preeminent performance, excellent economic efficiency and high reliability. With wide application range, this D series truck diesel engine is capable of meeting the demands of different regions and users.

SC9DF Diesel Engine

Technical Specification
Model Unit EURO III, Euro III/Euro IV/Euro V
SC9DF240 SC9DF270 SC9DF290 SC9DF310 SC9DF320 SC9DF340
Type   In-line, four valves, electronically controlled common rail, TCI, water cooling wet cylinder liner, front gear housing
Bore ×Stroke mm 114×144
Total displacement L 8.8
Rated power/rated speed kw/r/min 177/2200 199/2200 213/2200 228/2200 235/2200 245/2200
Maximum torque/speed N.m/r/min 970/1400 1125/1400 1200/1400 1250/1400 1250/1400 1430/1400
Min. fuel consumption g/kw.h ≤191
Noise dB(A) ≤98
Overall dimension mm Length: 1243
Width: 871
Height: 1127
Net weight kg 840
Power range ps 240~340
Detailed Information
Technology Advantages
Integral cylinder cover The entire engine is endowed with high rigidity, low vibration and noise.
Piston with inner cooling oil passage The cooling effect of the piston is improved, so is the reliability of the piston.
Integrated design of the whole engine With the parts in small quantity, the D series truck diesel engine is light in weight totally, reducing the fuel consumption effectively.
Swirl chamber type combustion chamber with dual extrusion The quality of the air and fuel mixture is improved to realize high combustion efficiency, low fuel consumption and emission.
Specialized efficient supercharger for trucks The fuel consumption is decreased effectively.
Imported Japanese high pressure fuel pipe made of double layered metal materials The fuel pipeline features excellent resistance to high pressure and corrosion, as well as high reliability.
Nippon Denso fuel system with high pressure common rail The maximum fuel injection pressure is 180MPa. The fuel gets good atomization effect and excellent adaptive capacity. This system enables the engine to show low emission, noise and fuel consumption but high reliability.
Intelligent temperature control technique The engine offers warming up at low temperature, protection and alarm at ultrahigh temperature. The engine friction pair gets the intelligent guarantee on its reliability and the extension of the lifespan.
Full flow oil filter attached with fine strainer Reduce the impurities in the oil and the abrasion of the piston ring.
Double operation mode and multiple operation mode technology Improve the compatibility of the power type with the vehicle and reduce the fuel consumption further.
Electronic control integration technology It realizes the integrated control on the engine and the performance of the vehicle, such as cruise control, GPS positioning, remote warranty, etc. Meeting the needs of users, the D series truck diesel engine is progressive, intelligent and convenient for use.
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